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The 2008 financial crisis in the United States resulted in a significant number of property foreclosures. During the latter part of 2009, we (3JM, also currently known as NVWM Realty) began purchasing foreclosed properties in Las Vegas through auctions.

After acquiring these properties, we took the necessary steps to clear the title from pending liens and performed renovations to bring the properties up to move-in condition. In turn, we sold them to investors. Despite the extremely low property prices and high demand in the rental market at the time, many investors were still hesitant in purchasing properties. The biggest concern for investors revolved around property maintenance and management, which led to the development of the “3JM Investment Plan,” an all-inclusive investment plan that helps reduce risks and addresses worries and concerns for investors. We are very selective in pre-qualifying properties under our management since we share the risks and hold ourselves liable.

This plan guarantees rental payments and shares the costs of repairs. Shortly after the program was enforced, the home inventory supply began to decrease and could no longer meet demand. Properties were selling out before hitting the market and investors began buying properties without physically viewing them.

We value our services and make every effort to prioritize our clients’ needs by providing clear transparency in our pricing, with no hidden fees. We adhere to operating under good faith and making the best decisions for our clients. Most of our clients are very satisfied with our services and continue to refer relatives and friends to us. We greatly appreciate our investors and their loyalty.

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