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A variety of home management plans to meet all your expectations for an investment property

Property management Plans

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Property Management Duties

Listing for rent

We hire expert photographers to take photos for the properties in order to maximize the market exposure. The properties will be listed on more than 40 real estate platforms. 

Rent Collection

We have a dedicated accounting team to collect rent and pay bills on your behalf. When a tenant’s payment is late, we will take immediate action until the rent is collected.

Tenant Screening

Once we receive an application from a potential tenant, we will collect information to evaluate their eligibility such as credit history, rental history, income status, employment verification, criminal records, etc. A summary of each applicant will be provided for you to be considered. 

Homeowner Association Management


Our property management plan enables you to allow us handling any homeowner association (HOA) related issues. We can assist you in making payments or dealing with any other problems may arise from HOA regulations. 

Financial Statements

We operate an online system allows our clients to easily access their accounts. Financial statements are generated and automatically sent to them on a bi-monthly basis to ensure they always have the latest information. It also allows our clients to have instant access to important documents such as property tax reports.

Eviction Procedure

In the case your tenant fails to pay rent, we can help you go through a formal eviction process under legal terms. At the same time, we will find a new tenant ASAP to keep the property vacancy at the lowest level to a minimize your loss. 

Legal Compliance

As an experienced real estate company, we have the ability to help you make correct decisions legally when you encounter related problems, which avoids unnecessary disputes and lawsuits. 

3JM All-Inclusive Property Management Plan

This is our exclusive project.

We're the only one in Las Vegas undertaking this project.

It requires a certain scale of operation and the number of participants to be launched.

The investors of 3JM All-Inclusive Property Management Plan agree 3JM as the second landlord and the property can be sublet. In the lease agreement, 3JM will take full responsibility and deal with the tenant directly. Investors don't have to worry at all, they will receive the rent paid by 3JM every month no matter if the property is being rented or not. When the investor decides to sell the property, we will return the property as the optimal condition and list it on the market for sale. Each investor involved in this plan effectively shares the benefits and risks equally. Their profits are also closely tied to us. 

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