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Our Story


The 2008 financial crisis in the United States resulted in a significant number of property foreclosures. During the latter part of 2009, we (3JM, also currently known as NVWM Realty) began purchasing foreclosed properties in Las Vegas through auctions. After acquiring these properties, we took the necessary steps to clear the title from pending liens and performed renovations to bring the properties up to move-in condition. In turn, we sold them to investors. Despite the extremely low property prices and high demand in the rental market at the time, many investors were still hesitant in purchasing properties. The biggest concern for investors revolved around property maintenance and management, which led to the development of the “3JM Investment Plan,” an all-inclusive investment plan that helps reduce risks and addresses worries and concerns for investors. We are very selective in pre-qualifying properties under our management since we share the risks and hold ourselves liable. This plan guarantees rental payments and shares the costs of repairs. Shortly after the program was enforced, the home inventory supply began to decrease and could no longer meet demand. Properties were selling out before hitting the market and investors began buying properties without physically viewing them. We value our services and make every effort to prioritize our clients’ needs by providing clear transparency in our pricing, with no hidden fees. We adhere to operating under good faith and making the best decisions for our clients. Most of our clients are very satisfied with our services and continue to refer relatives and friends to us. We greatly appreciate our investors and their loyalty.

Company Transformation

In mid 2012, the number of properties for sale in auctions began decreasing. A few large investment groups began participating in bidding for these properties, targeting the same type of properties that aligned with our requirements. As a result, this made it very challenging for us to profit from the acquisitions. Shortly after, we established NVWM Realty, a full-service real estate brokerage, which allowed us to buy and sell properties for our investors through the multiple listing service platform. However, the “3JM Investment Plan” option is still available to our clients today. NVWM Realty is an extension company which allows us to expand investment opportunities to our investors. A property management department has also been established to provide our investors peace of mind. We are immensely proud of our company’s continued expansion and to be able to provide our clients with a full-service real estate investment platform.

Since 2016, our team has ventured outside of the Las Vegas area to Southern and Northern California to hold monthly “Las Vegas Real Estate Seminars”. During these seminars, we educate our guests on the value of the properties in Las Vegas and its constant transforming state. We also share the current real estate market data. Every year, we conduct approximately 40 seminars, which consists of thousands of attendees who have provided positive feedback. In January 2022, our seminars were forced to be put on hold due to the global pandemic but have resumed as of June 2022. Although real estate can be utilized for both residential and commercial purposes, it can also be used as a great investment vessel. Purchasing properties in Las Vegas is not only limited to local residents. Investors regardless of residency are also able to enjoy the benefits of investing in this city. Our team is here to guide and assist our investors through each step of the way, from purchasing and management to the sale of the property. Our clients can expect to sit back and wait for their investments to thrive.

Real Estate

Covid-19 and
the Post-Pandemic Period

In December 2019, the entire world was affected by the pandemic of Covid-19. To prevent Covid-19 from affecting the economic situation, the U.S. Federal Savings Administration increased financial liquidity (quantitative and loose QE) and injected a large amount of funds into the economy. Property prices had risen significantly which led to a very optimal real estate market. By 2022, the pandemic in the United States slowed down, and activity in the economy began to bubble. The proliferation of funds, the shortage of raw materials, shipping delays, and the war in Russia and Ukraine have all influenced the supply and demand in the economy, including the recent spiking of inflation rates. The U.S. Federal Savings Administration implemented financial austerity measures by increasing the cost of funds in the economy, raising interest rates, and seized to buy into market bonds. All of these economy factors inevitably affected the pricing trends of the real estate market. The purpose of the quantitative austerity operation of the Federal Savings Agency is to curb inflation. It appears that many people are hesitant to invest during this time, but strategically, this is a great time to do so. The housing prices are still low, and real estate will always be there to preserve and protect your assets. (This article was written in July 2022)

Our Company Organization

Our company has expanded to over 30 employees and associates that are here to achieve the same mission and goals. We take a great amount of pride by consistent compliance to our company mission to achieve mutually trusted and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our office consists of two main departments; the real estate sales team and the property management team. In addition, we also have a team of logistical support administrators and an in-house accounting team. Our office structure is different from many other real estate brokerages where sales agents work independently with minimal support. Each of our sales agents is full-time, professionally trained, and dedicated to our team and our clients. Our property management team is also available full-time to monitor the properties for our investors. All of our employees are dedicated and focused to their individual job duties within each department. Our sales agents are not permitted to involve themselves with property management related tasks. The reason for this is because we want each member of our team to be fully focused in their specific scope of work.

Setting up a
Mortgage Company

In 2022, we established United Capital Investment Mortgage Company. Our goal is to offer competitive loans and provide the best rates and services for our clients to align with our high-quality business culture. We have developed the company's business plan and are gradually implementing it. We have peaked over a thousand properties currently under management in addition to the thousands of previous properties that we have managed in the past. These numbers are increasing at a rapid pace. All investors who participate in our investment plan can expect profitability.

Plan 258

In July 2022, we launched “Plan 258" which offers discounted listings for our clients’ investment properties under management. The discounted rates are categorized into three levels with no listing commission fees after 8 years of management. The scale of our business is able to offset the discounted fees. We recommend our clients to engage in long-term real estate investments to achieve the greatest returns.


NVWM Realty, 3JM, and United Capital Investment all operate under the name of “Jack Liu Real Estate” (translated from Chinese). Jack Liu, the owner of all three companies makes every effort to make sure that his companies will always operate at a level that meets his standards. He takes pride in building a highly trusted and all-inclusive real estate investment platform.

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