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NVWM Realty launched the "NVWM Realty Homeowner Maintenance Plan" in 2017,

and since, has been very popular among our investors.


The non-profit nature of this plan helps homeowners solve maintenance issues, control maintenance costs and provides them with a complete real estate investment experience.


  • Our plan helps avoid the unclarity of coverage conveyed by most home warranty
    companies on the market. If an item is not specifically mentioned or explained under the NVWM Home Maintenance Plan, you can expect that NVWM Realty will pay the
    expenses and work towards a resolution. With the long-term relationships that we have
    established with various repair companies, we are more likely to take priority over
    schedules and avoid delays, resulting in more efficiency.

  • The repair contractors that we work with are able to perform jobs on the spot. A repair
    order usually takes quite a bit of time from start to completion, but having these
    relationships in place enables us to reduce turnaround times.

  • The main purpose of this Maintenance Plan is to alleviate frustration for homeowners
    and improve the quality of services that we provide to your tenants. Securing steady
    tenants is one of the most important assets for investors.

The NVWM Realty Maintenance Plan is available exclusively to our Property Management clients. Not all properties are eligible to participate in this plan.
Certain conditions apply. Please contact our agent for details.

The annual fee is $550.00 for homes built after January 1, 2000, and $700.00 for homes built before December 31, 1999.

NVWM Realty handles and coordinates all property
maintenance matters to deliver peace of mind to our homeowners.

Repairs relating to functional items such as water pipes, electrical circuits, air conditioning, water heaters, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc. are all covered under the plan.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our Maintenance Plan Agreement, NVWM Realty will not be responsible or liable to the repairs, replacement or maintenance to the following and all associated costs will be a cost to the homeowner:

  • Flooring, carpet, interior and exterior paint

  • Kitchen or bathroom countertops, sinks, shelves, cupboards, toilets, showers,

       shower tiles, bathtub. (Parts are covered under the NVWM Realty Home
       Maintenance Plan)

  • Interior and exterior gates, security doors, bars, doorframes, doors, door locks, door handles, screen doors, windows, window screens, window coverings, damaged window glass (please refer to the additional notes below for garage coverage)

  • Roof, fences, balcony, patio, all landscaping and gardening-related items,

        including sprinklers

  • Non-habitability-related features or amenities (as reasonably determined by

       NVWM Realty) Stove, fireplaces, chimneys, water filtering or purifying                     systems, water softener, ice-makers, fountains, solar panels, ceiling fans,               swimming pools, spas, and whirlpools

  • Pre-existing conditions that occurred prior to NVWM Realty’s management of the property, which may include any damages caused or discovered by the Tenant within 30 days of his or her move-in date

  • Structural defects, improper installations of fixtures, or any structural components that do not comply with building codes

  • Replacement parts for special or rare-find components, including, but not limited to, drawers, section dividers, dispenser trays or switches in refrigerators or ovens

  • Items covered under insurance such as failures or damages due to fire, flood,

       smoke, lightning, freeze, earthquake, theft, storms, accidents, riots, war,
       vandalism, animals or pests, power failure, surge and/or overload, soil
       movement, structural changes, design deficiency, manufacturer’s recall,
       inadequate capacity, land subsidence, slope failure, or cosmetic defects

  • Any repairs performed to the property during vacancy

  • Any repairs as a result of intentional wrongful damage to the property

NVWM Realty only uses standard and basic parts for repairs and replacements. Any upgrades will be a cost to the homeowner. The initial protocol will be to repair the damaged appliances. In the event repair costs exceed replacement cost, the appliance will be replaced with a used appliance. New appliances will only be replaced, when used appliances are not available.

NVWM Realty pays 30% for the replacement of the following items:

  • Replacement of plumbing pipe rupture

  • Replacement of exterior drainage pipe

  • Replacement of garage doors, garage door opener systems, motors and tracks

  • Replacement of over-the-range microwave

  • Replacement of HVAC unit

  • Replacement of water heaters

  • Mold removal and remediation

  • Items not Included in the NVWM Realty Home Maintenance Plan (Homeowner’s Cost)

  • Housecleaning, including cleaning of the washer / dryer and air conditioner vent / duct

  • Utility Bills, during the periods while the property is deemed inhabitable

  • Hotel or lodging expense, during the periods while the property is deemed inhabitable

  • Food expense, while refrigerator is in non-working condition

  • HVAC tune-up

  • Pest control

  • Driveway cleaning, including, but not limited to grease or oil stain removal

*Prior approval will be obtained for any homeowner costs.

of  Plan

Terms of Coverage

Limitations of Coverage




  1. This plan was adjusted on October 1, 2020. Owners who joined the plan before the adjustment will still apply the old plan until September 30, 2021.

  2. For homeowners whose property were built before December 31, 1999 and purchased the 「NVWM Realty Home Maintenance Plan」 before September 30, 2020, there will be no price adjustment within one year.

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